You can reach the historical centre of Florence either by train (a shuttle service to the station of Contea is available) or by car in only 45 minutes.

Casentino Valley

The distinctive features of the territory of Casentino, which can be mountainous, hilly or flat, might be one of the reasons why S. Francesco from Assisi chose the sanctuary of La Verna as a place for prayer and meditation. The latter is the site of a wonderful Franciscan convent which worths a visit. Also S. Romualdo dwelled there and founded the Camaldoli hermitage which is another important site to see, as well as the majestic castle of the Guidi Counts in Poppi and the Romanesque churches in Montemignaio and in Stia.


Local events

During summer several characteristic town festivals take place nearby, where you can find the best typical local products and local plates and wines; for instance the Tortello and Trout Festival in Papiano, the International Biennal of wrought iron in Stia, the Bacchus Artisan in Rufina and many more.